1. What is the Africa Agency?

The Africa Agency provides the platform for Christians with a passion for community development to share God’s vision with one another and to encourage one another towards the realization of the African dream. Africans in the diaspora need credible development partners in their home area. Nation and City builders are invited to consult on this platform with the Holy Spirit and with one another for the advancement of God’s kingdom. Through this platform, a network of Christian community developers may be established to steward a new dispensation in the Rebuilding of Africa.

2. How does the Africa Agency work?

The African Agency will create a national council that comprises maximum of two people from each community (city, town, village, township, project) in every nation. The two must be Christian elders of influence and means in their community. The national council will mobilize their community (city, town, village, township, project) every other year to go up to Jerusalem to renew the covenant with God of Israel with their community (city, town, village, township, project).

They will facilitate fund raising drives for the Agency.

They will work toward developing godly, alternative biblical cultures for their various communities (cities, towns, villages, townships, projects).

They will facilitate regular workshops and conferences around:

• Issues of underdevelopment in their various communities (cities, towns, villages, townships, projects) and how to tackle it.

• Development of Godly and alternative biblical cultures for their various  communities (cities, towns, villages, townships, projects).

• Development of the culture of productivity and excellence, a departure from backward, barbaric, violent and unproductive cultures among their communities (cities, towns, villages, townships, projects) towards the realization of the African century.

• Creation of systems that can challenge neo-colonization and the exploitation of African resources.

• Creation of systems to hold governments and government leaders accountable.

3. What does the Africa Agency do?

The Africa Agency focuses on community development and social upliftment. Teaching communities to take ownership to become self-sufficient.

4. How do I contact the Africa Agency?

Call: 012 803 5877; email: admin@icld.co.za; visit: http://africaagency.africa

5. How can I get involved in the Africa Agency?

Write a letter or phone the Africa Agency office with details of your request.

6. Where do I make a donation to the Africa Agency?


Africa Agency

Cheque Account

Account number: 62769396980

7. Where does the Africa Agency operate?

Currently in Southern and Eastern Africa, but the Africa Agency intends to operate globally.

8. How do I volunteer?

Write a letter or phone the Africa Agency office with details of your request.

9. Does the Africa Agency offer financial aid?

Although the Africa Agency helps every community to raise and access funding for their community development projects, the Africa Agency does not give financial aid.

10. How is the Africa Agency different to other community development and social upliftment projects?

The Africa Agency helps communities to take ownership and become self-sufficient.  The Africa Agency serves as a catalyst and does not give continuous help but rather refocus the community’s mind-set to be self-sufficient and responsible.

11. Where does my money go?

Donations are used for administration costs as well as initial support for various communities to help communities become self-sufficient.

12. Can I designate where I’d like my money to go?

Yes, you can designate a country in Africa.

13. What is the Africa Agency’s legal standing?

The Africa Agency is registered in South Africa as a Non Profit Company (NPC). It complies with all the requirements of a Non-Profit Organization and South Africa Revenue Services (SARS). It is registered with the department of Social Development as an NPO.

14. What is the Africa Agency’s political affiliation?

The Africa Agency has no political affiliation. It is not affiliated to any political party. However, the Africa Agency encourages its members to belong to political parties that promote biblical values and support Israel.

15. How does the Africa Agency affirm its religious position without infringing the Constitution of South Africa or any other country?

The Constitution of South Africa provides for freedom of religion, association as well as freedom of expression. See sections 15, 16 and 18 of the 1996 Constitution. The Africa Agency operates in South Africa within the provisions of these sections of the constitution.

16. Who forms part of the board?

The first International board of the Africa Agency include selected and nominated members from the Africa Leadership Summit which holds biennially in Jerusalem.

17. What statutory (Government and Industry) endorsements does the Africa Agency have?

The Africa Agency is endorsed by the following organizations:

Jewish Agency

Institute for Christian leadership Development, South Africa

Vuka Africa Foundation

Plummet Missions Nigeria

South Africa Friends of Israel

South Africa Zionist Federation

Africa -Israel Chamber of Commerce

Africa Leadership Summit

Prayer partners and Friends of Israel, Kenya

Several church organizations in Africa

If you are interested to become a member organization please contact us

18. What are the proven credentials of the Africa Agency?

The Africa Agency is recognised by the Jewish Agency. It is launched in 2019 during the Africa Leadership Summit in Jerusalem. The Africa Agency has a list of several on-going projects in Southern Africa.

19. What is the rationale behind partnering with Israel as opposed to plainly progressive African countries like Rwanda, Ethiopia?

The Africa Agency is to be represented in every country of Africa. Israel has cutting edge technology applicable to all sectors of economy. Most progressive countries of the World buy patents and technology products and services from Israel. Africans have decided to buy from the source and to bypass the middle man. Besides, modern Israel has proven to be the technology and innovation hub of the world hosting research centres for most leading companies of the world. Modern Israel has fulfilled biblical prophecy making the deserts of Israel blossom like a rose. Africans want to develop our own land and economy and have decided to be part of the commonwealth of Israel tapping into the potential of the covenant that God made with Abraham that through him and his descendants all the families of the earth will be blessed.

20. How does an Africa Agency in South Africa hope to navigate around the sensitivities of the delicate relations between Israel and South Africa?

There are millions of South African Christians who strongly believe that Jerusalem is the home of the Jewish people and the eternal capital of the Christian faith. No politics can change that view. The Africa Agency is therefore not apologetic about this position but seeks to contribute meaningfully to the debate and persuade the South African government to rise above prejudice and anti-Semitism by recognising the historical and biblical right of Israel to the land.

21. How is the Africa Agency funded?

The Africa Agency is funded through donations received from the general public as well as member organizations.

22. Is there an Africa Agency in my city or home area?

Check out the Africa Agency’s footprint on the website.