National Council

The council will comprise maximum of two people from each tribe in every nation.

The two must be Christian elders of influence and means in their community/tribe.

The Council will:

  • Mobilize their tribes every other year to go up to Jerusalem to renew the covenant with God of Israel with their tribe.
  • Facilitate fund raising drives for the Agency.
  • Work toward developing godly, alternative biblical cultures for their various tribes.
  • They will facilitate regular workshops and conferences around:
  • Issues of underdevelopment in their various tribes and how to tackle it.
  • Development of godly and alternative biblical cultures for their various tribes.
  • Development of the culture of productivity and excellence, a departure from backward, barbaric, violent and unproductive cultures among their tribes towards the realization of the African century.
  • Creation of systems that can challenge neo colonization and the exploitation of African resources.
  • Creation of systems to hold governments and government